Johnson Brothers Tips: Maintaining your Fine Dinnerware

It is not hard to maintain a collection of Johnson Brothers Tableware. Unlike other fine Chinas, their plates are made up of more durable earthenware. Their dinnerware is known as semi-porcelain, which means it has the beauty of a fine China but has the durability of ironstone. Nevertheless, to make your collection last for decades, you must know how to take good care of them. Here are some tips on how to maintain you Johnson Bros Collection.
1. Store your Collection properly
It would be better if you have a storage area exclusive for your plates and other earthenware. You should have to know how to stack your China to avoid cracks and leaks. When stacking your dinnerware, make sure they have dividers in between. That would prevent the glaze and engravings from damage.
Johnson Brothers Tips
2. Display with care
In displaying your dinnerware, if the plate has glazed rims, do not put them in their rack immediately. Place a cloth or tissue to protect the rim edges. Furthermore, put a little space in between plates to avoid chipping of edges.
3. Clean them properly
Johnson Brothers collections are dishwasher safe. Just make sure that you put them in the top rack and that you avoid over-crowding them inside the dishwasher. Especially the intricately designed collections such as the Old Britain or Blue Willow, that way you will preserve them more.
4. Replace the Broken Items
It would be easier to replace a single piece than the entire collection when there is breakage. There are stores which sell the pieces individually than as a set. That way it is cheaper and convenient.

Though Johnson Brothers are very durable China, they are usually being kept as collectible items. These tips would just help you to maintain your Johnson Brothers and make it present in your dining table for decades. This way, you could even pass it as heritage to you children.