Johnson Brothers Coaching Scenes

Have you ever wonder what it feels like to live in a British mansion? What it is like to have breakfast in a garden patio or in a well lit dining room? Have you ever tried having tea parties in your humble home? Well, if you haven’t experience those with a complete set of Johnson Brothers Coaching Scenes Collection. The beauty and intricate engravings would surely bring you to a different place and even into a different aura.


Feel rich by using the vintage John Brothers Coaching Scene dinnerware. The rich hues of blue engravings of coach and horses in a delicate-looking plates and cups will surely make you feel classy. The plates have blue flower engravings on the rim with the Coaching scene in the center. It really looks awesome and well defined. The beauty of these plates and platters is one that warrants great appreciation when displayed in glass cabinets.

One great piece from this collection is their cup and saucer. Each piece shows a Coaching scene with an open coach, its horses and riders. When you finish your cup, you will see a beautiful engraving of flowers inside the cup. It’s really cute and something that would surprise your guests when you serve their tea with this.

We all know how Johnson Brothers make their tableware. They may look like the bone china but they are as durable as ironstone. The plates and other dinnerware looks like they would break any minute but the truth is, they can even be microwaved. That’s how Johnson Brothers make their products. They are intricately designed and perfectly engraved but they are very durable and certainly will last for decades.


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