Johnson Brothers English Chippendale

Pink colored Johnson Brothers collections are rare to find. If you go over Ebay and any other online sellers this is one of the very rare pieces of Johnson Brothers. Actually, English Chippendale doesn’t just come in red colors there are also green and blue colors.

Though, they have different colors the same fleur arrangement engraved in an ironstone tableware is very intricate and richly made. They hold the same quality and beauty befit to a Johnson brothers China ware. All decorations are glazed—for beauty and protection of the engravings. Furthermore, they are dishwasher safe, thus you can use this collection without worries even every day.


One thing that I like about this collection is that it can look casual. It has the ability to look relaxed and informal when matched up with more casual decorations… and it also has the ability to be formal when you serve it during formal dinners.

It is truly a fine set coming from Johnson brothers. The English Chippendale collection doesn’t just look like it is for everyday usage but it is something that you could pass to generations. It’s an heirloom. It’s delicate and very fragile looking but it’s very durable. They are even microwave and dishwasher friendly.

It is really nice to collect Johnson Brothers English Chippendale collections. They do not just serve as platters during meals, but they satisfy your aesthetic needs as well when it comes to kitchen and dining room decorating.


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