Johnson Brothers Historic America

This lively Historic America pattern is designed by Johnson Brothers in 1939. It features scenes in of the early years of America. The pictures in the middle of the platters depict different scenes of buildings, busy streets and places in America. The border of this collection is rimmed with oak leaves and acorns. They are very richly designed that the beginning of industrialization of America.


Because of its beauty, this collection has been awarded several honorariums in England. That includes appreciation from the Queen of England herself. Together with the Old Britain Castles Collection, this has helped up the rejuvenating economic status of England. The export of this collection from European countries and even to America is just one of the unyielding proofs that this collection is more than a set of dining ware.

If you are a collector, this is truly one of the must-have collections of Johnson Brothers. For starters, the monochromatic designs of plates should be checked out. For expert collectors, if you go to the more colorful collections, it might cost you more but they are truly worth collecting. The intricacy of the rim design and the detail engravings of busy America will truly amaze you. This is an art painting with ironstone as the medium.

What more could be better than having a richly designed Johnson Brothers Historic America collection? It is not just a piece of art but a usable one at that. It is very durable, though looks like so fragile, and easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe. All in all, this is a perfect collection of beauty and practicality in one.


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