Johnson Brothers Ironstone

Johnson Brothers ironstone tableware has reached far and wide because of the developments they pioneered. Having the characteristics of fine china with exquisite hand engravings, the tableware is still made durable. The low cost pieces from such collections are also lightweight and microwave oven safe. They can be for everyday use or they can be a part of a collection.


The usual characteristics include delicately scalloped trimmings and a semi-gloss finish over the engravings. The most common designs are reminiscent of traditional English settings. There are grand floral displays such as Rose Chintz and Summer Chintz. There are oriental themes in the case of the Blue Willow set. There is an array of wild birds set in creamy white background in the case of Brookshire. The most opulent pieces include Friendly Village and His Majesty. Johnson Brothers His Majesty collection depicts a traditional turkey in autumn hues which would provide a wondrous atmosphere for a thanksgiving dinner. The Friendly Village on the other hand, depicts a seasonal theme of a pastoral village with varied scenes like an old well, a barn house and a school yard set in lush greenery covered in snow. There are pieces with trimmings and borders and details of Ironstone are never compromised.

At the back of the fine china, there should be an authenticity stamp of Johnson Brothers. There are variations of plates, serving platters and soup bowls, majestic tea sets and other accessories to complete a setting. Collections of Johnson Brothers Ironstone dinnerware are considered vintage and are sought after by collectors.


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