Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles

Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles is an award-winning design pattern from the 1950’s. The pattern is found on a type of china known as “semi-porcelain”. This china combines the look and style of fine china with the durability of ironstone. It is freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe.


It was originally produced in the United Kingdom, but in 2003 production moved to China. It became very popular in the United States in the 1900’s because of its durability and value. In 1968 Johnson Brothers joined the Wedgewood Group. Through Wedgewood, they still produce and sell this type of china.

The original source of the landscapes depicted on the center of the “Old Britain Castles” china were engravings from the 1800’s depicting historical and famous buildings around Great Britain. Each plate includes the name of the location shown, and the date of the original print. The border consists of a scrolling leaf and floral pattern.

The design was first offered in pink, lavender, green, brown, black, and blue versions. Most of these colors have been discontinued, but pieces can still be purchased from re-sale companies and private sources. The pink and blue versions are still being produced. There is also a holiday version with the same border but with a Christmas tree in the center. There are also a few pieces featuring Santa Claus. The holiday version comes in a pink-on-pink or pink and green pattern.

Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles china, with it’s antique look and modern versatility, is still one of the most popular patterns produced by them today.


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