Johnson Brothers Plates

Wouldn’t it be great to have a nice dinner setting in your homes? The Johnson Brothers Plates and other dinnerware are not just made for its function, they are made to impress too. John Brothers have been makers of semi-porcelain plates which have the beauty of the porcelain China, but with the durability of the Ironstone. You are assured that you are not just getting plain beautiful plates but they would be durable and functional as well for many years to come.


One great thing about the John Brothers plates is the design. If you look at the intricately designed dinnerware like the Friendly Village or Historic America, you would see that the designs are well thought of. I mean, it has to be because John Brothers have been winning awards from the Queen of England herself for their unique and beautifully designed Earthenware.

You would just love to have one of their plates. They are very picturesque. If you happen to be not a very good cook, John Brothers would be perfect for an added presentation. The Blue Willow features an old black stamp with oriental designs. The very detailed designs of houses, trees and plants would make your guests stare at your Johnson Brothers Plates rather than comment on the food. Another is the His Majesty Collection, it has very wonderful details and lavish engravings in the middle. Then it has a very beautiful traditional trimming of brown and golden that varies from fruits and flowers that would remind us of a healthy dinner.

Johnson Brothers has been makers of fine China. They have been making Dinnerware from 1800s and their collections are very wells sought out until today. Because the company has not just been making plates for decorations, but they have quality and durability as well.


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