Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

The china pieces from the collection of Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz were produced in England from 1988 to 2003. The ones that bear the logo of the Johnson bros are genuine hand engravings that are covered in a glaze. The glaze is what leaves the patterns glossy and new all these years. Originally specializing on what the brothers called white granite, they have expanded to develop tableware manufacturing that resulted to the semi-porcelain pieces.


The Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz fine china has a simple white background. It has small prints of roses in full bloom in shades of pink surrounded by smaller florets in shades of pastel and a number of green leaves. It has a dark pink rose trimming to complement the simple yet elegant floral display.

They are perfect pieces for floral collections because of the craftsmanship of exquisitely embossed engravings. The different kinds of plates included in this specific collection comprise of bread and butter plates, dinner plates, salad plates and dessert plates. There are also serving platters in different shapes, serving bowls with covers, appetizer platters all bearing the floral summer print.

Each of these plates has borders with free-styled floral pastels and small and subtly green leaves. It is further complemented by the gently scalloped edge that has been a known traditional British china trait. The dinnerware along with multitudes of accessories would be a delightful addition for the collectors as well as homemakers. Having a tea set with the Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz pattern would admirably transform a setting into a traditional English tea time.


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